May 31, 2013

Smoking not cool: Bollywood fraternity

Every Year, 31st May is globally observed as 'World No Tobacco Day' (WNTD). The main focus of this year's event is to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco and influence tobacco control activities as well as raise funds for cancer patients. A press conference was held today to announce this year's theme for 'World No Tobacco day': this year's theme for WNTD is "Ban Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship" Which focuses on tobacco industry tactics to shape and influence tobacco control policy.
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Marlboro Red

This is a full-flavored variety which contains tar 10.0mg and nicotine 0.8mg. The package of this Marlboro type is most recognizable cigarettes box in the world. Marlboro Reds is an extremely popular variety among smokers worldwide and the package itself became brand's landmark. Marlboro Red contains the biggest amount of nicotine and tar in comparison with other varieties and thus it is a strongest version of this brand. It is produced in king size.