Feb. 1, 2010

Avatar Movie, Firelight E Cigarette - Which Is More Popular

Just about a year back almost nobody had heard of e cigarettes and it was rare to see anyone using this product, but this is not the case as of late. A short stroll down any city street or public gathering proves different. "We really feel the reason for the huge surge in our traffic is due to the recent ruling of electronic cigarettes. Consumers who have been on the fence about choosing this smoking alternative are probably a big portion of our increased traffic." states Jeff Smith, President.
The popularity is so amazing that special interest groups are injecting negative news to keep the masses scared of a product that has no known or published complaints or adverse affects for 3 years in the US market. Other public health officials and scientist are stating that the product has merit and should be available to the general smoking population based on scientific studies that support harm reduction products.
Jeff told us another reason for the tremendous spike in visitors and sales is their new brand e cigarette called "Firelight" which was just launched a month ago. "Consumers who have been on the fence about choosing this smoking alternative, I beleive, are taking their hesitation and turning it into action." Electronic Cigarettes USA carries the popular "Firelight" e cigarette with complete starter kits starting at just under $30. Since the introduction of these smoking alternatives common prices for these starter kits have been anywhere from $90 -$150.
"We are just so excited that we can offer a high quality, low priced smoking alternative like the Firelight e cigarette" At this very time and moment, are electronic cigarettes just as popular as the blockbuster movie Avatar? Jeff often ponders that question. "With several weeks gone by now and sales through the roof, I often wonder if the Firelight e cigarette is as popular as the Avatar movie."